Tragedy Strikes Pakistan Church

FHM Prayer Requests

We just received the following from Pastor A. in Pakistan:

Hello Mike


In the month of December, every Church in the World celebrate The Birth of LORD Jesus Christ, All Churches in Pakistan also arranging special Christmas programs in Churches, Today 17th December, during Sunday Service when people were worshiping in the Church, terrorists attacked on Church in Quetta in Pakistan. According to the News , nine people lost their lives and many are serious injured and in critical condition. This is really sad news for all Christians in the World and specially a wave of fear for Pakistani Christians.

“The terrorists had weapons and it seems they wanted to take hostages inside the church. The police and FC guards present stopped this from happening,” said Bugti.

Pakistani Christians are very peaceful community and they are facing these attacks from decades. We would like to request all the body of Christ to stand with Pakistani Christians in this time to pray for them. We dont want to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in fear, this is time of joy and celebration. The birth of Jesus Christ is Good News for all nations and HE came to comfort all nations. We pray that LORD send comfort and peace to all families who lost their loved ones.

Merry Christmas from Persecuted Christians.

Your Brother

Pastor A.