Peter with the children

Nepali Girl’s Home needs our help!

FHM Prayer Requests, Urgent Needs

From our India Overseer, Peter Naveen:


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Furman,

Greetings in Jesus’ Name!

Wishing you Blessed Christmas & a Happy New Year 2020!

Thank God for all the faithfulness He has shown on us and grace that is abundant in our lives!  What we are today is only by His Grace and Mercy! 2019 has been a great year in my life and my family’s life!  Thank you Mom & Dad for being a great support and standing with me and my family and also to LAF India Missions.

The Care Taker of Nepali Girls Home in West Bengal has requested for a Washing Machine for the girls.  I have raised about $92 from my Indian friends and also expecting more local funds to come in to meet their need.  We at least need $300 for a New Washing Machine.

Also he said that the present donors have given a notice that they can only support the girls home until April 2020.  And the children and the care takers have been worried and praying for God to open doors for them to sustain even after April 2020.

I was asked by the Care taker to visit them in January 2020, to minister in His Church and Bible School, to talk to them regarding sustainability of the Home, Visit the Girls, buy the Washing Machine in person and give it to them.

I would need to use some of our Trip Fund savings towards the Nepali Girls’ Home Visit in January 2020 and also to purchase Washing Machine and see how things are happening with them practically and to come up with some solutions to help them sustain even after the support from the present main donor stops funds from April 2020.

Please see if we can get more donors for Nepali Girls’ Home with a monthly commitment to support them financially in 2020. Believing that God will open doors and He will not let these kids face any trouble with their basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and education.

This is prioritized as of now.  Please pray and let me know your thoughts.


LAF India



Mr. & Mrs. Furman,


Yes, I visited the Nepali Orphan girls yesterday. What a joy to see the girls! What lovely kids! Gave them some stationary, provided the fridge which God has helped me to raise funds for them.

The care taker couple has taken me to show the land, in which they gave a down payment, to build a permanent home for the kids, and also for themselves as they are staying in a rented house at present. Every month they are paying $430 just for rent for the orphanage. We prayed at the land (see picture) and I told them that I will do my best to raise funds for the girl’s future.

Nepali Girls Home needs many things such as; a washing machine, shoes for all 15 girls, some good clothing etc.

Thank you for your prayers, which are more valuable than anything else.

Your son,


LAF India Overseer


For  as  little  as  $30  per  month,  you  can  sponsor  a  child.

When doing so, please specify “Nepali Girl’s Home Sponsorship” in the message block when donating on line. We will then give you the name of the child and encourage correspondence. Thank you!