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Urgent Needs

Other Urgent Needs

Freedom’s Hope Ministry needs more sponsors to help with our ongoing evangelistic projects. The following indigenous ministers need our support in order to continue their ministries:

  • Pastor Joseph in Liberia and Pastor Emmanuel in Sierra Leone – are in desperate need of basic supplies following the devastation wrought by the Ebola outbreak.   
  • Bother Rupert in the Philippines – needs family support and financial help with the Mambatagan feeding and evangelistic project.
  • Bother Peter in India – needs family support and financial help with the India evangelistic outreaches.
  • Pastor S. in Bangledesh – needs financial support for the remote village teachers project.
  • Pastor H. in Indonesia – needs financial help to establish a home business for supporting his family and ministry.
Note  of  Thanks:
“The cost of sending our children to school is on the rise. Much more I have no regular job to meet the need of my two children – Daniel and Faith. By God to see us – His children, is to provide for us. God’s sees us with the need for educational scholarship of my children and with his love prepare to supply it. He gifted my two children with mental capacities way above the average. God remembered that and provided their need and manifested Himself through Life Aid Foundation. I always told my wife that it is my belief that God gave us two wonderful children not to see them wasted but rather see the power of God work in them. I firmly hold on to the truth that the confident speech of a believer accepts the promises of God, declaring it will eventually see the Holy interference of His provision. I know and am sure that God will come to their aid and it literally came to pass through Life Aid foundation. Life Aid Foundation is our memorial of the faithfulness of God. Like Abraham, the action of Life Aid Foundation in responding to the desire of God to provide for us, shall be counted for them as righteousness. Life Aid Foundation in granting the Educational scholarship for our children said nothing about themselves, but urge us to continually praise God for His provision. God’s provision came in time of our extremity. The moment of danger is the place, where we saw God’s surpassing kindness and grace. To God be the glory.”R. Buscato, Philippines

Current Needs

Jeepney in the Philippines loaded with medicines and food supplies for Mission Smile; a successful project LIFE Aid Foundation helped make possible.

Jeepney in the Philippines loaded with medicines and food supplies for Mission Smile; a successful project LIFE Aid Foundation helped make possible.

Specific  Needs  as  of  January  1,  2015

Please pray for God to meet these needs and  contact us if you feel led to help with any of these needs.


  • Disaster relief in various countries.
  • Church Planting projects for indigenous ministers.
  • Remote teachers: We need six more teachers in six remote villages in Bangladesh.
  • Bibles in Urdu, English, Telugu, Visayan, Cebuano, & Pakistani for our indigenous ministers in Pakistan, Nigeria, India, and Philippines respectively
  • Talking Bibles in the Bangla, Urdu, and Telugu languages
  • Child Sponsors (For orphaned children in Philippines, India, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh, and Nepal).
  • Church and school building projects in: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Bangladesh, India, and Philippines.
  • Sewing Machines in Pakistan.
  • Bicycles or motorcycles for indigenous ministers.
  • Sponsor(s) for school/children’s home in Bangladesh and India.
  • Sponsor(s) for school children in the Philippines.

Church  Planting

Your donation of any amount will help establish churches in some of the most remote areas of the world.  Many of our indigenous ministers are planting new churches in their respective areas of the world. This increases the incurred costs.  What a joy and blessing to give sacrificially in order to lift an individual out of poverty, or supply an underprivileged child with an education, ot provide food, clothing, and shelter to someone that lost everything due to a natural disaster.  This type of selfless giving puts Matthew 25:34-40 into action. In addition,  it is  commendable to expend our resources to further God’s Kingdom by helping pastors and evangelists continue their mission work; aiding in the construction of a church; or sending an indigenous missionary to minister to a remote isolated village.  Enabling a pastor or Christian worker oversees to disciple, teach, train, and send out to further the process of making disciples of the world fulfills the job Jesus gave all believers in Matthew 28:18-20.  We, as believers, are all called to fulfill Jesus’ mandate.  NOTE:  Many more churches are being planted and leaders trained in other countries, although we’ve only pictured some here, so as not to endanger our indigenous workers in restricted areas.



Christian Fellowship School of Ministry

The Christian Fellowship School of Ministry, located in Dumaguete City, is the Bible training center of the Christian Fellowship Church of the Philippines, training and equipping pastors for the work of the ministry, and placing them in local churches.  The School offers a four year course in Theology, condensed into a comprehensive two year program and geared to fully train students both academically and in practical internship.

The Bible training center has graduated over a hundred pastors who are now serving on the field.

The vision of the Christian Fellowship School of ministry is to enable God’s people to fulfill the Great Commision to go into all the world and make disciples to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Faculty of the School of Ministry are themselves  exoerienced and dedicated pastors committed to train pastors for effective ministry. The trainees of today are the pastors of tomorrow!



People For Jesus Ministry

People For Jesus Ministry (PFJM) was founded in Narok North District of Kenya among the unique nomadic tribes of Maasai people by pastor Tom Opiyo and his wife in February 2006. Pastor Tom Opiyo is a missionary who has calling in areas of Church planting, teaching/discipleship, pastoral ministries, church leadership, evangelism, and outreach ministries such as orphans/vulnerable children support/care, etc. Pastor Tom also believes in discipling and empowering church members in their different areas of call, giftedness, potential, and need so that they have a mature Christian community where all serve God without any hindrances. PFJIM is a Kenyan indigenous founded church/ministry that is striving to establish church ministries locally, nationally and internationally. Currently, the headquarters is at Narok town within the Republic of Kenya. In Kenya, they are a duly registered Church Ministry with the Kenya Government.  The PFJM current branches are in Kenya, Pakistan fellowship, and Republic of Tanzania church in Morogoro province.   They have a School of Ministry that trains Church leaders from certificate to Higher Diploma level.  The school is doing well in the Tanzania Church.  The Church has a missions/outreach council that oversees the missions/outreach and Church plants in Kenya and around the world.

To view ministry newsletters, click here.



Kenya Center for House Church Network

Kenya Center for House Church Network is focused for the cause of world evangelism; seeking to plant bible believing home churches (NOT cell churches) in neighborhoods where none exist, especially in the remote parts of East Africa. The objective is to make sure that the home churches are culturally relevant and have a vision to reach their own communities and beyond, i.e. self supporting and self propagating home churches. The house churches are not necessarily affiliated with Kenya Center for House Church Network.


Fundamental Baptist Church in Nyamarambe Kisii County

“The Fundamental Baptist Church really only has one purpose. That is the same purpose that Jesus had, as is described in 1 John 3:8, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” We believe that we can best accomplish that by helping to fulfill The Great Commission, so we try to show and teach the Love and Hope of Jesus to everyone we encounter. Our desire is to help share the Gospel with the whole world, but we are primarily focused on work in East Africa. We believe we have been specifically prepared and called to Minister God’s Grace to the people here in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. We will be faithful and true to God’s charge.

Operation Gospel Outreach, otherwise known as Operation GO, is a regional Saturation Evangelism and Church Planting initiative. Our goal is to help systematically take the Gospel to every man, woman and child throughout East Africa. This is a relatively new work, but already Hundreds of souls have been led to Jesus and ministered to. Our goal is to help see this entire area reached with the Gospel, and for all new Believers to be welcomed into new or existing Faith-based, Bible-believing local churches for fellowship and discipling.

As larger hub churches grow throughout the region, their facilities will also serve as much needed Orphanages and affordable Christian schools for those in need. There are literally hundreds of thousands of Orphans in this area that need help. In addition, there is a tremendous need for an affordable alternative to expensive government run schools and private schools for the Orphans and other impoverished children. So, where appropriate facilities are available, they will also be used to house new H.O.P.E. Christian Academy primary and secondary schools. H.O.P.E. = Helping Our People Excel. For complete background information on our orphans, please click here.

Operation GO is designed to provide pastoral training; systematic door-to-door, village-by-village evangelism; church planting and discipleship; and associated humanitarian aid (such as food, electricity and clean water initiatives in addition to Orphanages and schools), all of which are needed to help reach the people of East Africa for Christ and to help minister to their needs. This is a HUGE undertaking.

As God provides, and in His timing, we anticipate that Operation GO will continue to expand. It is a difficult undertaking just trying to ensure that all 140,000,000+ people currently living in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi hear the Gospel. However, the whole African continent needs Jesus. That is why we need your support. As you and others partner with us in, God uses each of you to help make all these things possible. So, if you have not done so already, please join with us, and get involved today”!

Pastor Joe Arori

For the FBC newsletter updates, please click here.




Tin Aung believes that there cannot be Church planting without evangelism, and there cannot be leadership without discipleship. His diligent hard work engaging in comprehensive evangelistic, discipleship training, and evangelistic youth camp programs, has brought much fruit in his country of Myanmar. He also believes that there is no other way to accomplish the great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ in Matt. 28:19-20 without Church planting. Tin Aung has planted many churches with co-workers in various areas, expending the work of evangelism and indigenous discipleship through his church planting ministry. The newly planted churches have become the centers for learning and disciple making. Tin Aung works with mission minded existing church leaders and establishes a church where there is no Church.

The need of workers is huge and urgent. This is the prayer request that Jesus had left for us to pray and do (Matt. 9:37-38).  Tin Aung is also engaged in pastoral training; his main goals in pastoral training are to produce church planters, Bible teachers, and preachers to serve in new and existing local churches. There are now eight bi-vocational church planters sent by his church in order to establish new churches.

All in all, Tin Aung is a pastor-trainer who trains others to produce young generation leaders.

(Due to the sensitivity of these specific reports and pictures, we cannot post them online. Those who are supporting a specific project receive updates and pictures on the project they support).




Pastor A’s Ministry

“My name is Pastor A. (name withheld for the safety of the pastor). I have been working for the Kingdom of God here in Pakistan for last 10 years. God gave me a vision to make 5000 House Churches and make a network of 500 Pastors / Church Leaders in Pakistan. I am very happy and excited to let you know that our Ministry already established 15 House Churches in different villages & towns and in every House Church we have 50 to 60 regular church members. Also our Ministry has established a network of 3 Pastors and 2 Evangelists working together to take care of these House Churches and working very hard to reach out to more and more outreach areas with the Word of God”.

The  Mission:

Church Planting and House Churches.

Reach  Unreached Areas.

Children Ministry.

Free Education for poor Children.

Free Bible Distribution.

Street Evangelism.

Door to Door Evangelism

Free Food to poor People.

Sewing Training Center for Poor Women




Note: Some of these locations are in highly restrictive areas. (Due to the sensitivity of these specific reports and pictures, we cannot post them online. Those who are supporting a specific project receive updates and pictures on the project they support).


Remote Village Teachers Project


In November 2011 we set out to establish remote village teachers project. The Lord has truly blessed these projects. We receive monthly reports of the teacher’s progress and the wonderful impact it is having on the entire villages. Since the start of this wonderful ministry, not only have the teachers been instrumental in transforming the young lives for Christ, but also their parents, other family members, and even entire communities. To date, there has been over four hundred that has received Jesus as their Lord and Savior; twenty-six new churches planted; six home churches; and dozens of church leaders trained for the ministry–all this in the past four years. God is truly doing an awesome work.

Some of these locations are in highly restrictive areas. (Due to the sensitivity of these specific reports and pictures, we cannot post them online. Those who are supporting a specific project receive updates and pictures on the project they support). The children are excelling in their studies–which include academics and Bible courses–and are learning how to draw closer to Jesus more and more. The adults are being taught the Gospel message as well, and many are coming to know the Lord Jesus and giving their hearts to Him. We praise God for this incredible ministry. If you are interested in sponsoring a teacher for a remote village–we have many to which need assistance– please see our “donations” page.

We are exceedingly grateful to God and our contributors. Words cannot adequately express how appreciative we truly are for making it possible to get these gifts of love into the hands of those in need through the hands and feet of the indigenous ministers God has given us to work with– His laborers in His harvest field. We are so blessed and honored to be used by our Father in this way. We could never do what has been done this year, or in previous years without our most generous and loving supporters, acting on what God put on your heart. We believe God will continue to bless and use us as we strive daily to be careful stewards of all He provides.



Child  Sponsorship  Program

Provides food, clothing, shelter, education and loving caretakers for children in need.  Only $30 -$50 will feed and educate a child in many 3rd world countries for a month.  As little as $10 – $18 a month will provide a child in many countries with an education.

For complete background information on FBC orphans, please click here. 

Minister  Sponsorship  Program

From $150 – $400 a month can provide food, house rent, and other needs for a pastor and his family.  Only 5 people giving $30 a month can provide for one family.

At  Risk  Families  Program

As little as $25 – $50 a month could pull a family out of crisis and give them hope for the future.

Housing  and  Educational  Projects

Your donation of any amount will provide the needed funds for land acquisition, building living quarters, schools, children’s homes, etc.

Agricultural  Projects

These projects consist of land acquisition, housing, purchasing farm equipment, livestock and seed, provide agricultural education, water and electricity production projects.

Bible  Distribution

The cost of Bibles and their distribution can be extremely inexpensive in most countries, simply because most are printed within the countries they are distributed in. Distribution is done by indigenous Christian workers we support. (Only $5-$8 for a printed Bible in their native language.) Talking Bibles (small audio Bibles we get in cooperation with in the spoken language of the area are currently $75 each, yet one of these Bibles can and has brought whole villages to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. These have proven most effective in remote villages around the world.

Transportation  Assistance

As little as $100 – $200 can provide transportation assistance to indigenous missionaries to get from their homes to the mission field, which in most regions of the world is extremely remote.  This assistance can come in the form of bicycles, motor bikes, or ongoing fare cost of public transportation.  $2000 can supply a motor bike and $100 can supply a mountain bike for a missionary

Widow  Assistance  Program

As little as $75 a month will provide food, housing, and clothes for a widow in most developing countries.