Light of Truth Church

Light of Truth Church was established in early 2010 with just a few members by Pastor H (name withheld for his protection). Prior to this Brother H had a dynamic radio ministry where he was able to be the only beacon of truth on his island. With great zeal and a genuine love for his people, he boldly proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  God has gifted Pastor H with the knowledge of the scriptures coupled with courage to take the Good News to all of Indonesia–God willing.

Brother H’s ambition for the near future is just as big as his heart for the people. He wants to establish a small chicken poultry and produce farm in order to provide for his family needs, to provide for the needs of others in his community, and to provide funds for his ministry. He also needs funds to send his daughters to a quality school, and eventually to medical school. His aspirations also includes the building of a medical clinic for the poor; offering them treatment for their physical bodies free of charge, pray for their healing, and teach them of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

His primary vision is to win souls for the Kingdom of God by teaching, preaching, and evangelism. At this time he and his family live on a very meager income (in the U.S. we would equate with extreme poverty). He is in need of funds to build his poultry business, transportation for his ministry work, support for a church building and for his church planting endeavors.



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