Extremely poor Christian families need our immediate help in Pakistan

FHM Prayer Requests, Urgent Needs

This is an on-going need. When it rains they cannot work. If they don’t work they cannot feed their families.
Email from Pastor A:

Hello Bro Mike,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ . I am so so sad to share with you that , Yesterday evening our team visited Brick Kiln Colony Home Church for our regular prayer service and Truly what our team saw and heard during door to door visit is that they are not able to get any work for the last two weeks Because of monsoon rains and Bricks Kiln will remain closed for 6 weeks .

During the door to door visit our team heard and saw that kids are crying for food and milk and elder people look hopeless . Our team saw that most of the families had nothing to eat . It makes me and our team cry and brings tears in our eyes . Praise God , I am happy to hear that Our team gave whatever they have in their pockets and helped them to have food for the next few days .

When we are coming back to our homes ,Our team plans to spend some time praying . During praying for Brick Kiln families, the Holy Spirit led our team to raise funds to help these needy families to have food for at least one month . I request you to please lift these needy poor Bricks Kiln families in your prayers and open your heart and join hands with us to help these poor needy Bricks Kiln families and their kids to have food packages as Lord lead you .

Truly our little help brings big smiles on their hopeless faces . We can help one poor needy Bricks Kiln family to have a food package for one month in $ 50 . We have 100 families that need our love and support in this difficult time . Please lift the needy poor Bricks Kiln families in your prayers and pray for Lord provision and help as Lord leads you .God Bless you .

Your Brother in Christ