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Wipe Our Tears Sierra Leone

“We exist as a church within the body of Christ for the people of God to experience intimacy with God through the ministry of worship, preaching, teaching, and fellowship with other believers. Believers will be encouraged, edified, and equipped to continue on within their Christian journeys to become mature Disciples of Christ that will go out and make disciples of through effective evangelism of sharing the Gospel. Our main goal is that of making mature disciples of Jesus Christ through Kingdom teaching and preaching in a multi-cultural family atmosphere. The disciples are to grow into maturity in Christ by learning key biblical principles that will stimulate growth, and exercising their individual measures of faith by ministering to the needs of those within the church, the local community, and the world around”.

Orphan Care

“There are over 3,000 children without parents in Sierra Leone despite these staggering numbers, we believe God has a plan to give every child a hope and a future. The question to us, a church in northern sierra Leone  after 12 years of brutal war is this: we assume responsibility – the ability to respond – or will we allow God’s children to carry these burdens alone”?

What we’re doing now

“At the end of 2014, the children at our ministry care is over 50, including the new ones that there father and mother died of Ebola virus. We have no building to put them in (orphanage house due to lack of funds); please help us”.

“Each mother takes care of about 6 children, which provides the feeling of family and ensures each child is given attention. Pastors act as the spiritual fathers of these children, mentoring and discipline them alongside the mothers to provide a godly example of manhood and sonship. The children come in hopeless, and through Jesus, they now have great hope, both for this life and all eternity”.

Our plans for 2016 and beyond  

“The Bible is very clear on our responsibility to care for the fatherless. It is our desire to be an agent and facilitator of transformation in as many of these children’s lives as possible, serving as the hands of Christ to protect, redeem, and transform His children; and teaching local churches to take on this biblical call as well.  We therefore appeal for help to build a home and school for our orphans”.

House of life project

1. “In a strategic effort to address the need  for Food production and feed all in Sierra Leone, and the orphans the government  of  Sierra Leone has  asked  all Sierra Leoneans to embark on Agriculture everywhere to achieve food for all  people. Therefore, we have acquire vast land to cultivate this 2015.

2. Another area of concerned in to help our community to have good drinking water for all the community to avoid cholera and other related sickness in Sierra Leone.

4. We intend to build our orphanage home to house our orphans.

5. We also plan to build schools for our children in this community”.

Beloved  our church building is been used as school  for  nursery and primary children we are asking for help to build  our own  building  we have more than 220 students”.  

“Our school believes in the value of every child and adult who enters our doors. As such, we want all those who become part of our school community, whether a child or an adult, to feel valued, happy, respected, and to recognize their role in continuing to make our school ‘Outstanding’”.

“We believe that all children who join our school deserve the best and our aim is to help them succeed by reaching their potential in every area of school life – academic, social, personal, physical, and spiritual. We do this by ensuring that our pupils clearly understand their educational journey– Where it begins, Where it will take them and How they will get there”!

“We value the broad and balanced curricula which our school offers and believe that all children will access not only academic, but creative and physical areas of the National and Cambridge Curriculum fully, so that they receive the highest standard of education. Our school has a team of teachers, non-teaching and support staff to support each child in reaching their potential”.

“We value the broad and balanced curricula which our school offers and believe that all children will excel not only academically, but creatively and physically”.

Pastor Emmanuel Akintola

 Urgent Immediate Needs


Just received the following update from Pastor Emmanuel:

January 9, 2018

GLORY to God; this past year (2017), our ministry was able to open a new branch in the North West district of Sierra Leone.  Fifteen new home cell groups were established in the city of Makeni.


50 souls and new converts were added to our church and their now our permanent members. This was as a result of our many revivals held 2017.


40 students graduated in our Bible school, and they all perform very well, although we have great challenges in the running of the school (e.g. lack of stand by generator, lack of teaching materials, etc.).


This last year we were not able to send and pay school fees for our orphans, and unable to buy the school uniforms for most of them.  We appeal for funds from you and others that can help.


We were able to plant only 4 out of 15 acres of agricultural land that we have.  We still need funds to plant this planting season this year 2018–Please help!

With all regards

Pastor Emmanuel Akinteye

Wipe Our Tears Sierra Leone


Email sent on September 21st, 2015 from Pastor Emmanuel:

Beloved mike
How are you doing to the glory of God, the result of our orphan children was withheld and was not given to us because we did not pay the school fees for the 2nd term which has just ended , the school has just open last week. I also receive a letter from the deputy director of education that the orphans and our children will be stopped from going to school from the 2nd week of October 2015 if we failed to pay the school fees. Kindly help us in any way you can.
A Muslim organization in our community heard this information and sent some to me that they are ready to pay for them provided we will allow them to attend their mosque and I refused in Jesus name. Another chief IMAM of Muslim (Muslim leader ) also sent letter to me that he will pay for the kids provided I can sent them to Muslim schools , I say NO sir.
We have heavy rains here in sierra Leone and destroyed houses and killed about 10 people.

Pray for us always.
Beloved kindly talk on behalf of the children to donors in America and Europe so that we can have the school fees. They are children of God; I don’t want to succumb to pressure from MUSLIMS.
Remain blessed
Pastor Emmanuel Akintola

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