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Please pray for Freedom’s Hope Ministry, Inc.

* That all of our staff will have receptive ears to the Lord.
* That we will make correct decisions regarding all of our projects.
* That all staff will be continually sensitive to others and at the same time exercising the gift of discernment.
* Pray also for those we minister to, as we demonstrate God’s love.
* That they will respond to the good news of the Gospel and receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Thank you very much for your prayers and contributions to Freedom’s Hope Ministry, Inc.–all donations are tax deductible.

Every dollar we receive, 100% is expedited to the need specified. We do not retain one cent for administration cost, since all of our staff are volunteer workers. All additional cost (i. e. postage, sending fees, internet service, phone calls, etc.) are paid for by us (volunteer workers) or from the unspecified funds we receive.

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Freedoms Hope Ministry Inc

GREAT NEWS!! You can get to donate to the charity of your choice every time you place an order with them, when you shop at and click on the charity of your choice. Freedom’s Hope Ministry, Inc.  is one of the choices you’re given; you only need to type it into the search bar when asked to make your decision. The donation does not add to your total when ordering. Amazon donates on your behalf. We’d love to be able to help more indigenous ministers around the world and help more people genuinely in need, so please consider doing this on behalf of Freedom’s Hope Ministry, Inc.