Gracious New Generation School


The GRACIOUS NEW GENERATION SCHOOL started on 17th February 2005

Gracious School was established due to the increased demand of for education along with the rise in population in Tanzania, especially in the area of Arusha, the capital city.  This demand convinced Tumaini and Magdalena  to create a strong school which can provide education services in Arusha Region and other parts of the country.  Tuma and Maggie have worked hard to reach this goal and belief their fellow Tanzanians also desire to work hard enabling their students to stand out in their individual professions within the global competition they will encounter.  To this end, they are currently offering their education services at the Nursery and Primary level.  They plan to offer secondary and college education in the future by God’s grace.  This school is non-profit and is having a fantastic Godly influence on many Muslim families who desire for their children to learn English.


Where we realize our Country needs both well trained and non-trained man power, the GRACIOUS NEW GENERATION SCHOOL is committed to offer a holistic education, focusing on the mental spiritual, physical and social faculties of a child.  This type of education, we believe, will enable students to excel in academics and be responsible, self-reliant Citizens.


Building materials for expansion, financial help to purchase neighboring land for expansion, computers, teaching materials, and books.



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