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Mambatagan Feeding Project

“We started the Ministry May of 2010. God called us to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the poorest of the poor community. We started with just 5 families and it went as high as 75 families with 56 families regularly attending our weekly bible studies. We preach the Gospel of salvation and at the same time affording economic aid to help our poor brethren in times of need.  Since the very beginning of the Ministry we implemented monthly feeding of 86 children for our brethren who are in the elementary level.  Currently the number of Children grew to as much as 110 children per feeding schedule. For the past  4 years, we were able to provide the children with school bags, notebooks and even cloths and shoes whenever available.  We also extend assistance to families in times of natural calamities, sickness and in times of financial needs whenever possible. We introduced livelihood programs and send some to short term livelihood training school. WE helped several of them in their search for employment”.
“Preaching the Gospel and helping the brethren in their economic flight in life is an interconnected condition. Faith must work. Love must be tangible in action, actions that help people not merely in the short term but in the long run. We are praying for a confirmation of our heartfelt desire to rent or buy a piece of farm land to be cultivated by our poor brethren themselves. It is our vision that we provide them with the necessary tools and financial aid in order for them to yield a good harvest. Upon harvest, they can sell their produce, then return to us our financial aid and keeping ALL the profits for themselves.  Then we will provide them with useful skills for other sources of livelihood so that they can utilize their profits  for greater opportunity for livelihood. As we succeed  in this  community, we will advance preaching the Gospel of Christ to other poor communities doing the same approach of economic assistance  for beneficiaries”.
“Moreover, I believe that this is a ministry given by God. And I believe God will also provide my needs and my family”.
Rupert Buscato




Christian Fellowship Church of the Philippines

The Christian Fellowship Church of the Philippines, a full-gospel fellowship of churches, was established with the goal to evangelize the Philippines with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish local indigenous churches.

The Christian Fellowship Church was started in 1970 with crusade evangelism and church planting as the main thrust.  Since then, 127 new churches have been opened throughout the Philippines.

The affiliated pastors hold credentials with the Fellowship and are autonomous in their own local churches, while recognizing their part in the Fellowship as a whole.  Regular pastors’ conferences and seminars provide opportunity for pastors and church leaders to strengthen fellowship ties and to be encouraged spiritually.  This goal remains the same:  to know Christ and to make Him known.

The Fellowship was incorporated with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission in 1983.  The headquarters church is the Dumaguete City Christian Fellowship Church, of which Pastor Benito Pacleb is the founding Pastor and President.

The Christian Fellowship School of Ministry, located in Dumaguete City, is the Bible training center of the Fellowship, training and equipping pastors for the work of the ministry, and placing them in local churches.  The school offers intensive and comprehensive academic work, as well as actual experience in local churches.  The Bible training center has graduated over a hundred pastors who are now serving on the field.

Over the years, new ministry thrusts have been added, such as the Scholarship Program to sponsor schooling for indigent children.  The ministry reaches out to destitute and under-privileged children, responding to the Scriptural commands of love and compassion and believing that each child is a unique creation of God.  Sponsorship can be done through Direct Child Sponsoring or Relief Child Sponsoring.

Biography of Benito and June Pacleb

June came to the Philippines as a missionary in 1968, and has served in the central and southern Philippines since then.

Benito (who has recently gone to be with the Lord) was from Cotabato in the southern island of Mindanao.  Benito and June met while doing missionary work, and were married in 1970.  They have raised three sons, who are now grown and have families of their own.

Benito’s ministry was one of evangelism and church planting by means of open-air crusades.  He conducted crusades in several islands of the Philippines, and subsequently established new churches.  He was an apostle to the Philippines and to the pastors that he has trained and raised up. June is continuing this great work with the help of wonderful teachers and ministers of the Gospel. In everything, to God be the Glory!

Benito and June Pacleb

Benito and June Pacleb

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Mustard Seed Christian School

In April of 2011, through a mutual friend, we came to know Pastor Domingo & Anita Escobar. Pastor Domingo, who has recently gone to be with the Lord, pastored  their church (their son has since taken over the pastorship), and Anita to this day is in charge of the Mustard Seed Christian School, which they established. This is a wonderful ministry that we have decided to support recently. God willing, with increased donations, we will contribute to this ministry with a monthly commitment. The Mustard Seed Christian School is located in perhaps the most impoverished areas of Davao del Norte, which is near Davao City. They are doing a great work there by ministering to the needy and offering free education to the destitute children of their area–some of which recently lost their homes and all their belonging in the latest typhoon– Typhoon Bopha.

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