Freedom’s Hope Ministry works with Christian workers, pastors, evangelists, and many Christian organizations in various nations around the world.  Many of these pastors and Christian workers spend most of their time providing the daily necessities of life for their families.  With your help, they can spend more time courageously spreading the gospel and ministering to other Christians in hostile areas.

The objective of these projects, first and foremost, is to aid in the furtherance of the Gospel worldwide.  We accomplish this by teaching and ministering to Christian individuals with leadership qualities and in some instances sending them to Bible training schools in foreign countries.  Then we support them financially, spiritually, etc., to establish them as missionaries in their own country.  We supply much needed funds for Bibles and Christian literature and its distribution, Bible Education, Transportation helps, church funding and maintenance when needed.  It is our belief  that the most effective way of ministering to the lost of this world is to establish and support indigenous missionaries rather than sending American missionaries over seas.  Our reasoning is as follows:

  1. It’s Much Less Expensive;  allowing us to support many more, using
  2. God’s resources more efficiently.
  3. Native missionaries, pastors, teachers, etc. are more readily received by
    those of their own nationality.
  4. There are NO language barriers.
  5. They have a great love for their people, therefore, they have a great
    desire to see them saved, acting out of enormous zeal.

Secondly, we provide much needed funds for the homeless (i.e. food, clothing, and shelter), establishing children’s homes, learning centers for children and adults, both academic and vocational, and building communities that are self-sustaining (i.e. farming techniques, water projects, repair and maintenance facilities, etc.)

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