Middle East


“Bibles For Mideast” is an underground ministries of the Middle East.  Its mission is distributing
Bibles and establishing house churches in the entire Middle East for the glory of the Heavenly Father through HIS Son Jesus Christ by the power of Holy Spirit.

There are around 17 countries in the Middle East. Population is approximately 500 Million and Islam is the largest religion. There are thousands upon thousands secretly believing Jesus Christ as their Savior. They don’t have Bibles and the rulers do not allow them to get Bibles. The Bible is totally prohibited in certain countries. But people are so thirsty for the Word of God. Bibles For Mideast is purchasing or collecting Bibles in a secret way and distributing for free of cost.

Most of the team members of Bibles For Mideast are converts from Islam to Christianity with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and have good experiences of doing personal evangelism, conducting crusades, and pastoring house churches.

Indeed Bibles For Mideast is in great need of prayer and support; but getting it hardly. So very often its team members compelled to go for laboring work, earning for their livelihood and for the ministries.

Our Lord’s return is imminent. Let us hurry for reaching the unreached. So that unsaved people will experiencing the Salvation of Jesus Christ.

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Most of these locations are in highly restrictive. Due to the sensitivity and nature of specific reports and pictures, we cannot post them online. If you are interested in learning more and reading news reports in the field; click on the following website link: bibles4mideast.com