2023 in Review

FHM Newsletter

What an incredible and fast paced year we have experienced and all of you who have prayed for and supported this ministry have been an integral part!!!  We have had the opportunity to impact MANY people with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Those people are now reaching out to friends, family, and neighbors, even neighboring villages with this transforming Word through the power of the Holy Spirit.  This year we have had the privilege of helping with the Lord’s work in several places in Asia and Africa where children are being rescued from dangerous and abusive situations, families in remote villages are learning about Jesus and denouncing their worship of false gods,  and we continue helping young, orphaned children have an education in which they learn about Jesus and how to live for Him.  Unborn babies are being rescued by educating and providing necessary provisions for their mothers who feel hopeless and abandoned. All this is being done, often in “at high risk” locations as God continues to make a way when it looks impossible from a human standpoint.  What a joy it is to participate in what our Father is doing in each situation and each person’s life!!! We thank each of you for joining with us in our Lord’s Work of letting His light shine both at home and abroad.  May God bless you abundantly, more than you can imagine with the joy of knowing you are a part of what God is doing—something MUCH bigger than ourselves.




Africa Life Youth Foundation


Real Life Junior School

God opened up a door of funds to start building a school for orphans and 89 little children from the age of 3 years old to 7 years got opportunity of having access to education. We started with 7 Teachers and 3 supporting staff.  89 children are total orphans but they are allocated to stay with families in communities as we plan to build a structure to house them.



Real Life Reformed Church Makindu

God sent us to plant a church in a community full of witchcraft and we have witnessed the hand of God transforming the lives of people.  Right now , we have 26 Adults and many children attending. I am the one pastoring this church.



Mobile Bible College

God gave a burden of equipping Pastors In remote villages that have no access to Bible College training. In Jan. 2023, we started training 28 Youth Pastors 7 days in a month for 12 months and graduate for a Diploma in Youth Ministry. The graduation is going to take place at the end of Jan. 2024.


Movement Day Uganda

Movement Day Uganda is focusing on uniting Evangelical leaders in our cities to come together and think on how God can use them to be part of city transformation, both Spiritually and Socially. We had a gathering on 12th Oct., 2023 with 47 Leaders from Churches, Banks ,Christian NGO’S and University fellowships.


Prayer Requests for 2024:


Real Life Junior School

Please pray God  opens up doors of resources to get 25 chairs and tables for Primary One class before 5th Feb 2024.

Pray God opens up doors of funds to meet Teachers’ salary and  food to feed the children at the school.

Pray for God’s protection upon all the children from sickness and demonic attacks.

Pray God  provides Funds for school Uniforms for 89 children.


Real life Reformed Church

Pray for Pastor Richard Sempala God to open up a door for a car to help with the transportation challenges.

Pray for Phillip Kiwanuka (church administrator’s monthly support).

Pray for all the adults to grow a desire and passion for God’s word In their lives.

Pray for the need of Children’s Bibles.


Mobile Bible College

Pray God uses the Pastors that have been trained to train others in their close communities.

Pray for resources to meet the needs of coming graduation.

Pray for funds to run the coming New batch of 30 Senior Pastors.

Pray for those 30 Senior Pastors to be committed for this new journey of 3 years training.


Movement Day Uganda

Pray for Pastor Richard Sempala as he leads the Leaders in our city, Kampala, in 2024.

Pray for the leaders in our city to see the vision and also bless the vision of Movement Day Uganda.

Pray for the medical outreach that is going to take place in the slums of Kampala city in March, 2024.

Pray for the Gathering of Evangelical Leaders in August, 2024.




D.R. Congo

New Hope Bethesda

Pastor Ruboneka says,

This year 2023 has got much trouble caused by the war of M23 rebels supported by the Rwandese troops which have been active in this eastern part of the DRC. This situation has largely got a negative impact of our ministry activities . In fact people living in this part of the country are forced into a situation of poverty because Goma town is actually isolated from all the rural villages which provide food to people living in town, this situation is due to the fact that the rebels have almost occupied a large part of the villages chasing the native populations .

Here are the activities we managed to perform despite the situation described above .

  1. Training servants of the Lord January to June . 36 pastors have attended the training , 47 Evangelists and 2 Leaders for young people .
  2. We were able to organize 4 crusades all along this year. 120 persons have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.  26 were baptized .

– 36 vulnerable children have been protected in our transit center .

  1. Sport ministry . We set 12 sport teams (basketball, football) and organized competition with those teams . This activity allowed us to give the winning team a prize for encouragement . Some souls gained for the Kingdom of the Lord .
  2. Prison ministry .

We have visited 4 prisons preaching the word of God to the Inmates and provided them a little help as we could have through the church collections .Some inmates have believed in the Lord, promising to leave their former bad ways of living as soon as they are out of the jails, of course, considering our financial weakness we did not reach a large number of prisons.

  1. Planting churches

We have implanted 8 churches in different rural areas and training some servants of God to look after these new churches .

The ministry needs .

– Buildings

– Funds for evangelistic missions

– Transport , Restoration , Bibles , food for vulnerable children , school fees, clothing ,

My own needs:

– Monthly support .

– 12 pastors support because of hard living conditions

– A car or a motorcycle to help me move from one church to another, to travel  long distance for Evangelization or planting churches .

I also need prayer for me and the ministry .



Fundamental Baptist Church




At the beginning of each new year, we look to the Lord for re-newel and hope in His promises as we trust God to bring breakthrough in our lives. We use the term breakthrough with great anticipation that God will bestow His favor on us so things start happening that manifest God’s great and precious promises. This is why we all keep praying for breakthrough.

The reason each of us remain a part of Freedoms Hope and Life Aid Foundation Kenya here is to collaborate together in prayer and Faith for great promises of God has given us so we can reach the life of orphans in our society. We know God’s promises are ” YES and AMEN ” – 2nd Corinthians 1:20.

We therefore join our voices with you my brother Mike and Mama Londa. For we sing to our Lord ” Great is thy Faithfulness there is no Shadow of turning with thee”.


Five groups of people meet every Wednesday for Bible study discussion at 3:00 pm to 4:00 Pm.


We are carrying for 25 orphans who at one time were “throw aways”. We are providing hope for these children. We are not only helping feed them and giving them a bed to sleep on, but we are also intervening on their behaves so they can lead a promising future. It is not just about meeting their needs, it is about giving them HOPE for a future, that, they might not have otherwise to smile and live again.

God commands us to give justice to the weak and Fatherless, maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute.

If everybody would be willing to simply do something to care for one of these precious treasurers, I believe we would be amazed by just how much we could change the World.




A- Participate in 7 days of collecting money to help the orphans.

B- Share your story to the orphans.

C- Consider a adopting a child or becoming a foster care family.

D- Hold an orphan awareness – best interest of the child.

E- Hold a Birthday party for orphans.

F- Organize a walk to visit orphans.

G- Support schooling for those who are in high school.

H- Accompanying on this journey for praying in mentioning each child to God in prayer.



We did many different Evangelism and Soul winning and house to house visitation and a follow-up by means of the Word of God. God bringing new converts in His Kingdom.



In the past year, orphans are travelling more than 4-5 miles away to reach water. Whereby they are arriving back home during the night at 9-10 pm. By travelling night time, we had several cases reported for raping.

We are trusting God by His Grace and by constant prayers, God will reach down and will open His own Way so we can get water in our current location.


This farming project it is the backbone of LIFE AID FOUNDATION KENYA that will continue bringing resources to our orphanage. We noticed and confirmed that, Agriculture is the primary source of income for most (millions of people) of Kenya.

Kenya’s fertile soil and favorable climate make it an excellent location for cultivating a wide range of crops. In this type of farming, we will get profitable crops to grow in our community and much income we can generate on Acre of land.

Maize is one of the most popular crops in Kenya, with an average yield of Ten of bags per Acre per season.

Beans are stable food in Kenya with an average yield of Fives bags per Acre.

Other profitable cops are sweet potato, Tomatos, Kales, Onions, Sugarcanes, Coffee etc.

For this start, we are growing maize and Beans. Maize crops are very healthy. We will see its products during the harvest on March.

Our God raised Bro. Mike and Mama Londa who helped us to start this farming project.

At the beginning, we agreed with the Landowner for 5 Acres of land for 5 years of farming in cost of total payment of $ 2400 USD. As we started paying the land owner in Monthly basis, the land owner again had a problem of decease. He released another 5 Acres in 5 years. This brought total of 10 Acres in 5 Years. Its total cost is $ 4,800 USD. We have already paid $ 2,000 USD. We are remaining with a debt of $ 2,800 USD to complete the payments. We are trusting God to provide.



– Some bags of Maize crop, will be used as food

– Some bags of Maize crop will be sold to care for buying other items for the orphans.

– Other Bags of Maize, will be sold for adding more Acres of land for future farming.

– Other bags will be sold to save money, to buy a permanent land for the orphanage, so we can build structures for the orphanage in the near future.


– We have one child in college.

– We have 2 orphans in high school who are in their 4th year in High school. The Brothers and sisters here are playing a great role in committing themselves in supporting these three kids in their schooling.

– This year, we have other three Orphans who sat for their Grade 8 National Examination last November 2023. They are joining in high school this Month January for their 1st year in High School.

We are trusting God to supply to meet schooling needs for these three Orphans in high school.

I have just inquired from every school where these Kids will join. There are different fee payments each Month.

1- Theophilus Maroro will be paying $ 100 USD per Month. At a Provincial School.

2- Britine Nyabonyi Onduso will be paying $ 80 USD per Month. At a County school.

3- Wendy Kwamboka Machenge will be paying $ 70 USD. At a Sub-County school.

This will amount up in total of $ 250 USD per Month for these three Orphans.

We therefore ask God to provide in special way to meet these needs. Hope you will read over through the report. Let us accompanying together in prayer. We wish you good day there. In His Kingdom,

Bro. Joe Arori & Mama Beatrice – Freedoms Hope and Life Aid Foundation Kenya



Remote Village Teacher’s Project

Pastor S. writes:

We preached church services in local, outreach, and community in different places and Villages, along with the Lord’s Suppers, baptisms, dedicating children, church opening ceremony, seminars / training, wedding & burial services. We prayed for sicknesses and different kinds of health issues, and also gave them counseling. We also have fellowship with the church, ministry, women, youth, and lay leaders for encouragement, advice, and counseling every month in different areas. We evangelized among the unbelieving people in different villages and organized seminars and training between the old & new church, ministry leaders and faithful disciples. We formed new house churches in different villages. We supervised bible studies, home visit, prayer meetings, house church services, etc. We had follow-up services in different areas. We encouraged the local and outreach church members for sharing gospel boldness and to continue on their duty and responsibilities.

Souls saved: There were 1,000 people impacted by the gospel and 94 people have souls saved and all of them were baptized. We have trained 313 leaders; House churches planted 22, and three buildings built.

People heal or delivered: We prayed for 185 people from many health issues, and gave counseling to others and 123 people were healed. We fed 25 blind old men and women in the villages.

God miraculously provided: God has been faithfully providing through his people for our ongoing ministry. We praise God for His miraculously providing funds for the ministry and through this we were able to penetrate the gospel among the unreached people. We are grateful to God for His faithfulness and promises to us.

The needs of the ministry right now:

  1. Three workers for a new area field
  2. One desktop computer for the use of the ministry office
  3. One Laptop for my ministry use
  4. Two motorbikes for visiting the villages

Hoping to accomplish in 2024:

  1. To reach the gospel to at least 24 villages
  2. To make at least 66 new church leaders
  3. To plant at least 12 house churches in 12 villages
  4. New planted churches to be matured, self-governing, self- supporting and self-propagating

We hope and pray that God will continually bless our ministry, provide our ministry needs and will give more fruitful ministry in 2024.

We thank you so much for your continued love and prayers.


Pastor S.



Remote Fishing Ministry

Based on Matthew 4:19

This ministry was started by Pastor L. in 2015 to reach people in the fishing villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then, God has helped he and his team plant 17 churches and 235 people have converted to Christianity(most were previously Hindu). There are thousands of villagers who live and fish for a living in those rivers and Bay of Bengle, (Indian Ocean).

Most recently, in January 2023, they started a Bible school for leadership and Pastoral training with 30 students. In May, they used $500 donated to FHM for their ministry to make 5 fishing boats and gave them to some newly converted believers, who are fishermen.  But, Bangladesh is a Muslim country,  so some of its Islamic extremists groups didn’t want them to run this type of evangelical ministry in their country. By June, 2023, aggressive persecution had begun, including direct threats of kidnaping  and death to Pastor L’s, family and ministry team.

Once, (as told to us by Pastor L, when he was in our home,)  the sea pirates kidnaped Mr. D, a ministry team leader, and tortured him severely in the forest for seven days. They tied him up to a tree in the mangrove forest where ferocious tigers, crocodiles and snakes surrounded him. But, God saved him, by giving him wisdom and a plan to rescue himself, (for which he acquired the nickname “MacGyver”) and when he was fleeing he took all the weapons and guns of the sea pirates and while crossing the big river, he dropped all of them into the river.

Due to all the serious threats and persecution, evangelical work, the Bible School, church planting and public baptisms were stopped during the last part of the year. In addition,  Pastor L. sought temporary safety in the USA, while his wife and son moved to a distant Hindu village with her parents, waiting for things to calm down.  In July, God used FHM and other Church family to provide safe shelter  and encouragement for Pastor L. We prayed with him for God’s wisdom and for courage to obey God no matter the cost. Following a couple months of restoration, Pastor L. returned to his home, family, and ministry in Bangladesh with a new resolve and boldness. In November we received this exciting message from him. “Through these terrific and terrible situations, we could learn more spiritual things and we could get more close to our Heavenly Father. And After coming back from USA, I could meet my family and decided that if we live, we will live for HIM, and if we die we will die for HIM. And we decided that we will continue our Ministry and restart our Bible School again as God directed us before.”  Please pray regularly for Pastor L and this incredible ministry to each stand boldly in this new resolve.  If you feel led to help this ministry financially, please send your donation noting where you want it used.




Mustard Seed Christian School

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

So busy for many things dear ones but I know this is important in doing the work of the Lord.

2023 had many challenges but God has always been so good. The work of the Lord continued to be done and many souls continued to be ushered to God’s kingdom. Many water baptisms were performed and the leaders of our church continued to do the ministry in winning souls and making disciples. So despite the many challenges in 2023 souls were ushered to His kingdom,

Praise the Lord! We look forward for many more souls to be saved in 2024!

MSCSI is doing good also despite of the decrease of enrollment due to the pandemic

Kids continued to learn and many activities too and the kids enjoyed the competitions of the different schools even to far places. The boys had boys scouts trainings and the kids too got some prizes in the Children’s congress done in the big gym of our town. The parents enjoyed to have seen their kids growing academically and in their faith. Praise the Lord! The school needs more computers since 3 computers only are being used now.

Your prayers are needed for more students and more cheap computers for the computer laboratory.

Praise God because the students are also getting recognition because they are winning competitions of the different private schools. To God be the glory!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and and assistance for the work of the Lord! The work of the Lord will continue until His return. More, more souls will be ushered and more kids will received education and training from our school teachers that are dedicated to their calling for teaching is not only a job but a calling!

May the Lord will continue to bless you and your wonderful ministry!

We are keeping you in our daily prayers.

Much Love in Jesus,

Anita and family with church and school





Pastor A writes:

“Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call His name Immanuel”

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ . I am very excited to share with you that Our team had a very blessed Christmas Outreach 2023 . Praise God , our team was able arrange spirit filled , blessed , anointed , & impactful prayers meetings in different villages , towns , colonies , unreached remote villages to share the good news of Jesus . I am so excited to share with you that God has use our team for HIS glory in those prayer meetings

I am super excited to share with you that over the past 4 weeks during Christmas Outreach 2023. Our team had concluded 15 organized outreaches , over 100 decisions for Christ ,hundreds at the altar and approximately 1450 reached with the gospel . We are hearing from our local churches that several are already plugged into our local Churches.

Praise God bodies are healed , pain disappeared , they were going to get surgery but met with the great physician Hallelujah ..

Praise God , during Christmas Outreach 2023 , So far

  1. 1450 reached
  2. 200+ altar
  3. 100 decisions

Due to the current economic crisis ,hundreds of people in Pakistan are going through the most difficult and testing time of their lives .The inflation rate and price of life is increasing each and every passing day . Because of this situation many people in Pakistan lost their jobs , income , small businesses especially people doing day to day jobs , daily workers and laborers . Truly people are plunging into poverty , rejection , fear and lack of food suppliers have left many people in utter despair .

In our target areas where Our team serves , widows are an invisible part of the society , ignored , rejected and sometimes considered cursed , the cause of their husbands’ deaths . Our team aiding 30 impoverished widows in our target areas to have food packages . $30 were spent per widows .

Rasheeda Bibi is a widow with six children , unable to earn money as a domestic worker , Rasheeda Bibi has been struggling to feed her family . “There were days when we had nothing to eat” , Said Rasheeda Bibi . “This food package has come as a big relief to us . I am truly thankful to all the leaders for providing this to us” .

Our team provides food packages to 15 poor deserving families in village 181 this Christmas . $40 was spent per family .

Moshin Masih , parents are among the many daily workers who have been unable to work . “During this economic crisis and increasing price of life , my parents are really struggling to meet even one meal a day”. He said, “Today I am deeply grateful to your team for giving me and my family a food package . May God bless you all” .

There are 18,000 bricks kilns in Pakistan where 60 billion bricks are made each year with manual labor . The brick kiln industry is notorious for its labor abuses , including low wages , child labor and bonded labor . The workers are often deprived of basic necessities such as healthcare , education and sanitation . It is reported that 1 in 20 families have a child who has lost eyesight .Twenty percent of people working in the brick kiln have lungs problems .

Our team provided much needed relief to 25 brick kiln factory workers with food packages and the life changing story of Jesus Christ was shared with bonded labor workers . $40 was spent per family .

Our team assisted 20 families in Gojra to have much needed food packages . $40 was spent per family .

One woman who received the food package told our team in tears that, “I am pregnant and it is the sixth month of the pregnancy. But I am only able to eat one meal a day. Due to this current situation my husband lost his job . We are unable to meet family basic needs . Thank you so much for helping our family to have a food package this Christmas” .

Our team provides the most needed lifesaving food packages to 18 families in village Kalyanpur this Christmas . $40 was spent per family .

Sumble is a 13 years old girl . Her family has been undergoing a financial crisis for the last 2 months and is not able to buy our daily needs . Sumble said, “Thank you so much for this precious help . God Bless you” .

We Did It

I am thankful to all our incredible supporters , partners , family and friends who join hands with us and help us in our Christmas Outreach 2023 . We are truly so grateful for the incredible generosity we have received . We are not able to do all this without your love , prayers & support . Once again thank you so much for joining hands with us .

Here Are Our Goals For 2024 

  1.  Reach 300,000 brothers and sisters who are living their lives in darkness with good news of Jesus .
  2. Distribute 1000 urdu bibles to believers and unbelievers .
  3. Distribute 1000 audio bibles to those brothers and sisters not able to read the bible .
  4. Hold 4 Leadership Conferences in different villages and towns .
  5. Hold 4 Youth Conferences in different villages and towns .
  6. Help 10 native pastors and missionaries to have motorcycles for mission work.
  7. Help 30 women to have sewing machines to start their own sewing business.
  8. Long term vision is to establish 5000 homes churches and a network of 500 Pastors and Church leaders .

Your Brother

Pastor A.