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Schools / College Outreaches


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“Africa Life youth Foundation (ALYF) is a Christian   organization which was established in 2004, for the purpose of developing, sponsoring and carrying out Evangelism programs that will improve the quality of life for the children and youth of Uganda and East Africa”.

“Our Mission Statement: is dedicated to fighting poverty throughout Uganda and East-Africa, empowering young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, giving them dignity, freedom, peace and hope through Biblical principles”.

“We achieve these through pro-life outreaches in colleges/universities, child sponsorship, youth camps, training & Income generating projects”.

“We educate the youth of Uganda in colleges, universities, and communities about the health issues associated with abortion, premarital sex, immature relationships their consequences and share the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ”.

“A study conducted recently shows that 30% of all deaths in East Africa are due to abortion related complications. Abortion not only threatens the health and lives of Ugandan women but also for unborn innocents. These outreaches we do help us to identify students who are planning to abort and those who had aborted for emotional, spiritual and physical help”.

“We also hold Youth camps annually were we prepare and train youths from Communities, colleges and universities with youth-life skills, how they can sustain their lives with small income generating projects. ALYF has to trust God for his provision of 75% of the budget to run the camp since most of the youths cannot afford the costs to attend”.

Core Values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Accountability
  3. Team Work
  4. Excellence
  5. Creativity and innovative

“Also, there are so many needy children in Uganda due to HIV/AIDS and Civil wars; they struggle to survive but in vain. We get them off the streets to our child care ministry where the child is nourished well, given medical attention, clothed and then put into school. From there, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit the character building process begins”.

“In the same spirit, I would like to encourage anyone reading this to join hands with us with a gift of at least 50$ per month for a child. That will cater for his or her school fees and other necessary essentials”.

These are just a few that desperately need sponsors:


Richard Sempala

ALYF has developed their own website to share the heart of their ministry. Please visit them at: All donations sent that are marked for ALYF go 100% to that ministry work.


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