ALYF Special Needs


Dear brothers and sisters,

Edinah Murungi is young girl under our child sponsorship project. Edinah lost both her parents and she ended up staying with one of the Pastors who leads our churches in Luwero District. We were having a lot of challenges to meet Edinah’s tuition fee, and last year God led a Team from Europe and one of them was a missionary from U.S. serving God in Romania called Becky Pertzborn. God spoke to Becky to stand up and sponsor Edinah. When this team returned back to Europe, I received a message from Becky taking a step of faith to sponsor Edinah, Her message was an answer from God towards my prayers. She started sponsoring Edinah with tuition fee. Early Jan 2017 Edinah came to me and shared her weakness at school and she requested me to help her at least do a hands on skill course than continuing with High school studies. I liked her idea and we prayed together for God to make way for her dreams to come true. When I shared the idea to Becky (Edinah’s sponsor) she had some extra donations to support part of this new program for Edinah. Becky only depends on small support she gets from friends who support her missionary work in Romania, but through that small support she took a step of faith to be a way of blessing to Edinah’s dreams.Through the donations from Becky, Edinah got her own Sewing Machine and she is going to do a Tailoring and fashion Designing course for 4 months. Our Ministry Team pass our thanks to Becky for helping Edinah achieve her dream and have a future. The donation from Becky only covers the buying of sewing machine and the tuition fee for the entire course of 4 months, but Edinah has to get materials to use for practice during and after studies every day, and also she has to travel a long journey by using public taxis from Monday to Friday to go to vocation Institute. Please pray God to provide the funds to buy the materials for her and also to help with her transportation costs every day until the end of course.

Your brother in the Lord,

Richard Sempala