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FHM Prayer Requests, Urgent Needs

Many unfortunate orphans and children from extremely poor families need our immediate help. For only $40 per month, you can bring a highly vulnerable child from utter destitution; to a child that is well taken care of, educated, and loved. These children have enormous potential. They just need loving caring people that will offer them a “helping hand”.

Please take the time and read the following from a few of the ministries we are in contact with, and from time to time, are able to help. We do not have the funds currently to support them all ourselves. we need your help!


Brother John from Rwanda:

Dear Mike and Londa,

Thanks very much for the donation. Those children live far in the East eastern of Rwanda close to the boarder of Rwanda and Tanzania called Kibungo. They experience a lot of dry season even as I speak there is drought. I had to leave the black road and board a motorcycle for one and a half hours on the dirt road. I bought a bag of rice 25kgs of rice; beans 20kgs; bars washing soap; I bought a ball for which I will be using this ball to play with kids each time I visit them. I also bought clothes. Fabrice’s parents are so poor and sick of tuberculosis and her 2 sisters also are sick of tuberculosis and were being helped by the nearby dispensary to be treated but because of lack of food it’s taking long to cure. So I bought some milk and fruits for them.

When I reached that village, we first played some games, then soccer and I shared the word of God with them: Trusting the Lord with all of their hearts and God would give them the right desires of their hearts Proverbs 3:5-6. I told them about your gift they were very happy the adults who were around they said “May the Lord bless you for helping those children”.

There were many children; I also gave things to other kids as well.

John Rwakazayire,

Yours in Christ


For more information about brother John’s ministry, see his ministry page.


House of life Care Ministry:

House of life Care Ministry is a ministry of Wipe Our Tears Sierra Leone, that is devoted to the care of orphans and widows, which has 25 children orphans and 5 Ebola survivor’s children. This organisation has been caring for orphans, vulnerable children, women in crisis, and Ebola survivors. This is as a result of the 12 year brutal civil war which resulted in death of 4000 men and women this led to increase in orphans, vulnerable people, and youth unemployment.  The Economy of Sierra Leone was also battered as a result of the Recent Ebola virus that killed 2000 people. This destroyed our Agriculture production; was totally paralysed, and Education was disrupted.

The greatest thing we can do is to save and invest in the future lives of these vulnerable orphans, Ebola survivors, and invest in the lives of our youth in this nation for peace, prosperity of Sierra Leonians. Therefore, please support House of life Care Ministry / Wipe Our Tears Sierra Leone to reach out and help these kids and put smile on their faces to impact their lives.



  • Payment of school fees
  • Medical allowances for Ebola survivors
  • Provision of food
  • Building of orphanage house
  • Buying of books school sandals school uniform sandals etc. etc.
  • Funding for our25 acres of land for agriculture plantation
  • Sponsor a needy child

For more information about this wonderful ministry, see full ministry page here.


Fundamental Baptist Orphans and Widows Care Centre:

Fundamental Baptist Orphans and Widows Care Centre is dedicated to caring for the forgotten, hurting, heartbroken orphaned children in our community. Currently we are caring 25 orphans – blessed these children who one time abandoned and who had no hope of living again. They had need of love and mercy. We are blessed to give them loving environment, bedding, schooling and food. These are a wonderful expression of love and are in need of love and mercy.

We are reaching out to help hurting orphaned children in our community. These children bear the marks of loneliness and desperation.

                   OUR MISSION

The organization’s mission is to bring love, comfort, joy and hope to some of the community’s most needy orphans, conveying to them that someone truly cares for them by providing:

-Beautiful loving clothing, bedding and shelter

-Essential school supplies for learning

-Accompanied by the true hope – with an eternal distinction.

-We share the gospel and make Jesus Christ central to those we serve.

Together we can reach out the orphans in needy and assist them in improving their standard of living, schooling and developing their character according to the Christian values and facilitating their social integration.

I do not believe God created us to live in solitude, nor in a selfish way. I believe that we are one big human community and we all have a place in it. Our place is to share the love of Jesus Christ in tangible ways. At Fundamental Baptist Orphans and Widows Care Centre, we are striving to do exactly that. We are not a perfect group of people but we are serving a living and perfect God who we trust to guide us as we live fully ALIVE in Him.

It is my prayer for those who have supported us through the years that you will continue to be a blessing to the work of FBO&W Care Centre and to those individuals that we serve. Thank you for your prayers, your volunteer hours and your finances. Thank you for allowing us to move forward in service to those whom God has placed before us. It is also my prayer and my hope that you who have not joined us on this journey will support the growing work of FBO&W Care Centre.

Children from impoverished local families were often not getting to school because they were unable to afford school supplies. By and with the gracious help of donors, we will be able to step in and provide a warm and suitable safe environment, shelter for these students. The 25 children that we are caring will attend school because Fundamental Baptist Orphans and widows Care Centre along together with your passion, mercy and help, will enabling us to take them into a hope that they need, to school and back safely. In addition, FBO&W Care Centre along together with your help – will enable us to establish a breakfast program by providing children with food.


We request that you please pray that God will supply the following monthly support towards the orphans so that we be to meet the basic needs of these orphans.

A– Clothing and Bedding

B– Schooling

C– Shelter

D– Food

Both you and we are called by God to make a great change to the orphans. Together we can give a smile to these orphans.

Together we will have opportunity to bless the orphans. Please send your monthly support to our main office at Life Aid Foundation / Freedom’s Hope Ministry, Inc. to  Brother Mike Furman and Sister Londa Furman.  Through them, the funds will reach us. You are highly welcome. God bless you.

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bro. Joe and Sister Beatrice

For more information about Pastor Joe’s ministry, see “Projects” “Kenya” and scroll down to Fundamental Baptist Church in Nyamarambe Kisi County.