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2015 In Review

FHM Newsletter

We want to express our deep thanks for your many prayers and generous gifts as unto the Lord for those less fortunate in various parts of the world.  This past year (2015) we have had the joy of impacting 100’s of lives, in the Name of Jesus.  We are seeing a harvest of new believers while meeting physical and spiritual needs in India, Philippines, Kenya, Ghana, Nepal, Pakistan, and many other parts of the world. Churches are being planted; children are being taught in the ways of the Lord; indigenous ministers are supported and sent out to preach the Gospel; emergency help is given to disaster victims; and lives have been changed for eternity.

The following are reports given to us by some of the many indigenous missionaries we support:


Rupert Buscato’s Ministry:

The year 2015 was a fruitful year in the Philippines. An additional  45 souls were saved by grace through faith in Christ. We have reached the interior communities of Mambatagan Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. We have gone as far sitio MorioMorio – a community of people who are all below poverty line, with little or no education at all. The sitio or community is called “no man’s land” because there is no established owner of the property there. As such, people with nothing of themselves go there to erect a home for their respective families.  They received the Gospel of Salvation and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. We established a weekly Bible worship service there since it would require people to walk 90 minutes to reach our nearest ministry site . Since we arrived there 9 months ago, we were able to assist them by conducting monthly feeding activity and weekly milk drinking for their 95 children aging from 1 to 16 years old. By the grace of God we were able to help the husbands find stable work in the more established companies and with higher daily income bracket jobs. We were able to provide their children with schoolbags and other school supplies. Above all, they were able to see God’s power through healing of their children of various illness –fever, cough and cold, etc. They are blessed with God’s healing power considering that they are among the very poor families in our country. God continued to heal relationships fostering better family and neighbor relations. Our practical approach of assisting their needs and by our consistent Bible studies with them, they appreciate what true biblical Christianity is, erasing their unbelief of the living God in the Bible.

Our existing ministry groups are both growing in the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ evident in their obedience to preach the Gospel of salvation to others. Their sons and daughters, husbands, brothers, sisters and neighbors are now attending our ministry services through their faithful obedience to their calling.

This 2016, it is our prayer that we can spread out to other communities so that many can be saved through Christ Jesus.


Mustard Seed Christian School –  Anita Escobar

Days are so fast; we are now in 2016.Happy New Year from MSCSI! I am very sorry, i have been so full in my schedules being one of the newly elected officers of the Association Of Private Schools of Davao del Norte. So now focus has been divided but my main work, of course, is at MSCSI. The Lord has been so good despite the many ups and downs of the ministry, but I know these are all parts of growing in Him and because the work of the Lord is growing, too. Hallelujah! 2015 has been a year of blessing, too, because in front of the school is already fenced in concrete. We also have a concrete bridge for vehicles and we were able to put up the school clinic,, H.E. Computer room, .Science Lab and the high school level was given  RECOGNITION status which means we can already apply for the Educational Scheming Contracting of the Dept.of Education. But again there are so many requirements to comply. We have done it for almost three months! Whew! But I can say God is so good! Thank you dear friends and partners who are always there for the work of the Lord! The kids you are sending to school will be promoted to another step higher come next June 2016, except Jharrie, who decided to quit school. But we are still praying and encouraging him to go back to school. Our prayer request is 4 more classrooms needed for June 2016. This is our urgent prayer request. We continue to covet you earnest prayers for we are just His vessels willing to do His work.

 May the Lord continue to bless and use you mightily for His glory and honor as we are waiting for His very soon return!




People for Jesus International Ministries – Pastor Tom Opyio

In the year 2015, People For Jesus Ministry has been involved in many activities.  In April and May, we had outreach meetings in western Kenya at Kisumu and Eldoret areas.  We baptized about 12 believers in that region but rains could not allow us to baptize 10 more.  In July and August 2015, we baptized 18 new converts at Narok county in the Maasai village Church of Olooltoto.  We had revival meetings and a brief leadership seminar.    In September 2015, we had veterinary service as an outreach among the Maasai people of Narok.  We treated about two thousand livestock and 5 people came to Christ in that outreach programme.  If one person comes to the Lord in Maasai community, it is equivalent to 100 villagers since they live in close unity and they share their new life in Christ with all the close relatives.  We also drilled an underground water tank for the Maasai community in Narok at Olooltoto area.  Now they have clean drinking water harvested from their huge Church sanctuary roof.  We harvested about 45,000 litres of rain water into our tanks at one time and it serves about 3000 people.  In November 18th –23rd, we had a life transforming Church Leadership Empowerment Conference for pastors, bishops and other leaders at Narok town Church in Kenya. Sixty seven senior and top  leaders from Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria from People For Jesus Ministry and from other churches/ministries attended the conference.  We were dealing with preaching/teaching for spiritual growth in the Church.  On 22nd November 2015, we held our Annual General Meeting in which new Church leaders were elected.  Pastor Tom Opiyo was elected to continue as the general overseer of the Church.  On 8th through to 12th December 2015, We had a powerful and spiritually life changing youth camp for the young adults at Narok Maasai village Church.  It was well attended and many youth were blessed.  The theme of the youth camp was ”TRANSFORMED TO CHANGE OTHERS FOR JESUS CHRIST”.  On 19th December 2015, we had a thanksgiving celebration of ten years of ministry since we began the work.  We will have a BIG MEAL 2015 event where we treat poor children as royalty to very delicious meals and gift awards on 25th December 2015.  That is an annual event.  On 31st December 2015, we plan to have our annual year end seminar followed by a whole night prayer vigil as we cross over into the year 2016.  We have had special prayer battles in the course of the year plus other activities.


Plans 2016.

  1. To plant churches in Pakistan, Uganda and in Tanzania
  2. Increase the number of poor/needy/orphans/students that we sponsor

3.  Build a nursery school and primary school up to class FOUR in the Maasai village of OLoototo at a              cost of USD$12,000

  1. Raising funds for main sanctuary in Narok town to buy land and build a 1000-seater church sanctuary
  2. Train more pastors and church leaders by establishing Bible schools in Kenya and Tanzania
  3. Mobilize local and international missionaries
  4. Engage in community development projects that are an evangelistic tool e.g adult/literacy programmes, etc.
  5. Trust God for mobile medical clinic and veterinary service units


Joshua Generation Ministries – Ken & Dorcas Koyo

Highlights of 2015 JGM missions

Trip to Turkwel: 24th – 25th Jan 2015

This trip was to organize for the peace conference that was to happen later in Turkwel in March 2015. I met with pastors, we prayed and planned for the meeting but we later changed the venue of the conference to Eldoret for security reasons. I always traveled to Turkwel with fear because of the often attacks by Pokot bandits on vehicles.

Eldoret peace conf: 10th-12th Mar 2015

This was the first conference we organized by ourselves as Joshua Generation Ministries. It was a peace conference bringing together Turkana and Pokot pastors to pray for the peace and reconciliation of their people attended by about 30 pastors. For the first time we changed our focus from just repentance and prayer to begin dealing with evil altars controlling the land. The result was almost immediate. Two months later the guns stopped, bloodshed ceased and Turkana and Pokot began living together in peace up to date.

Turkana South Pastors’ conf: 8th – 11th Dec 2015

It was the second last mission I had this year. The whole year I had desired to travel to different areas in Turkana South on peace missions but was not able due to financial constraints. But here I got opportunity to minister to about seventy pastors from across Turkana south. Many have requested for prayer meetings in their areas next year. So we got more work next year.


Prayers for West Pokot: 12th Dec 2015

This prayer mission was my last mission for 2015. It was organized by Kenya House of Prayer to pray for and dedicate West Pokot County to God and to pray for peace between Turkana and Pokot. God bless KHP for the great work they are doing.


Evangelistic missions


Chuka Mission: 6th – 12th April 2015

This was my second mission to Chuka, the first one was in April last year. I conducted seminars, crusades and Jesus film just like last year. Many people came to the Lord especially at night during Jesus film that it was difficult to count.

Turkwel conference: 7th – 9th Aug 2015

I was invited to minister in a women’s conference up the mountains in Riting area of Turkwel, West Pokot. The work was so much, so many people wanted to be ministered to that I had no enough time to sleep or eat. I had desired to bring a team with me from Lodwar to help me but we lacked enough finances for transport.

Nakurio mission: 15th – 18th Aug 2015

This mission led us to Kerio, the most feared place, the headquarters of witchcraft in Turkana. It was our first time there and we were nervous not knowing what will happen. We held seminars for pastors and church leaders and also revival meetings. We met strong altars of witchcraft where witchdoctors offer human sacrifices instead of animals. It was terrible.

We felt we needed more help, so we are mobilizing more intercessors to come with us next year. The pastors themselves requested us to come back and do a pastors’ conference last October but we could not raise the budget. If Kerio could be delivered, all Turkana will be delivered. More than 65 people came to the Lord both during the seminars and Jesus film.

Kalokol mission: 4th – 6th Sept 2015

This mission was to mobilize pastors to pray for their city and to train children workers. So we did meetings with pastors and children workers. And as we marched later praying for the city, God struck down an image in front of a witchdoctor’s house and gave us great victory. More than 20 people got saved. Pastors still want us to go back.



The Kingdom Coalition – East Africa Christian Ministries

Pastor Joe Arori

2015 Report:

We had a blessed year 2015. The God of Grace moved within our midst in a great way. We were able to do public preaching and seminars for the last year 2015. We were to reach a great number of new souls to God’s heavenly Kingdom by which, the Lord brought into His heavenly Kingdom 2,845 converts. Not all of them are attending in our Church but they are living in different areas in Kenya. But God gave me a wide vision and we made a good programs how we disciple them in their places. We divided the 2,845 converts into 60 groups. Each group hold about 60 converts to be led in discliplship. We have appointed and given them leaders that help them in discipleship. We therefore have 60 leaders.

These 60 leaders are doing a great work. They meet them once per week at their central places every Saturday. These converts are very excited and actually are growing in the powerful Word of God. Their lives are really changing. The Challenges is that, my 60 leaders of these groups have only New Testament Bibles. I am requesting you please to pray for God to provide finances so we can purchase full Bibles in two languages A- Swahili language and B- Ekegusii language.

We are doing our outreach – public preaching on the markets or streets once per Month especially the last Saturday per Month. God is using us in a great way. God is doing a great work. The challenges that we faced is that, we don’t have sound systems.

Plans and vision for year 2016:

The year 2016 is a year of blessings. We are praying God to open more doors to reach many. We ask you by the mercies of our God please to join us in prayer to God so that God to give us more strength and wisdom in serving Him the more.

We brought our 27 Orphans from the families of our Church members that we had been placing them there and we placed them in my home and I gave them one of my house to live in. My wife is their care taker. The reason why we took them from families of our Church members is because they are being abused and mistreated by the family people of my Church members. therefore, the Church members allowed them to be in one house by which, they allowed them to live in my house.

We have several needs that we ask you my brother and Sister Londa to join us in prayer this year 2016. The following is the prayer needs;

  1. Pray God to provide sound systems that will cost us Kes 120,000
  2. Pray for 60 Bicycles for my leaders to reach these 60 groups and disciple them in Christ. The cost of on Bicycle is Kes 5,500 that brings total of Kes 330,000
  3. Pray for 60 full Bibles for these 60 leaders that can help them in their discipleship. The cost of one full Bible is Kes 800 that brings total of Kes 48,000
  4. I am requesting you my brother please to pray for enough beddings for the 27 Orphans. We need finances to cover the cost of their bedding of the 27 Orphans as bellow:
  5. 27 Beds@3,500 = 94,500
  6. 27 Matress good quality @2,000 =54,000
  7. 27 Plankets @ 1,000=27,000
  8. Bed Sheets @ 800 = 21,600

This brings total of 197,100. We pray for God’s great move on this need. Please we ask you with your entire family and with all saints there to pray for us.

In His blessings,

Bro. Joe.

Sierra Leone

House of Life Ministry International – Pastor Emmanuel

Orphans department :

The end of the war in Sierra Leone and the after
effect of Ebola virus have led to many orphans in Sierra
Leone. Presently we have 30 orphans and five Ebola survivor children

Needs for orphan school:

Fees payment for the orphans, medical attention, food, clothing, the building of a recreation facility, and orphanage home.

Bible school :

The ministry has a functional bible school with 26
student presently learning.

Needs Bible school:

Projector, Camera, stand by generator, school materials, desktop and laptop computer.

Church needs:

The ministry and the church needs the following ,public
address system (PA), mixer, speakers, seven drums and mikes for our
outreach and revival programs; and support for church workers and pastors.

Agriculture department needs:

Acreage for the ministry in order to plant rice, yams, groundnut, and vegetables.
Also, machinery to cultivate the land and funds to buy fertilizers, etc.

In a strategic effort to address the need  for Food production and feed all in Sierra Leone, and the orphans the government  of  Sierra Leone has  asked  all Sierra Leoneans to embark on Agriculture everywhere to achieve food for all  people.

Another area of concerned in to help our community to have good drinking water for all the community to avoid cholera and other related sickness in Sierra Leone.



LAF Ghana – Gideon Sarpong

The year 2015 has almost passed away with a speed akin to that of lightning. Many things happened, many challenges popped up,  A tremendous amount of creative thinking was resorted to and all the praise definitely goes to our Heavenly Father for His continuing guidance and sustenance. The focus of LAF Ghana was basically on making things work at the Furman Foundation School, a low-cost private school established in the fall of 2014 at Afrancho, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. The funds received from LAF USA were used for the provision of teacher’s textbooks and other school supplies and needs. Next term will see the identification of kids whose parents cannot genuinely afford the cost of their education. This will involve the free provision of school uniforms and other things essential to a quality education. LAF Ghana’s fund of around GHC 300 will be used for that purpose. Though inadequate, it is a starting point and we pray for support in the coming months.

LAF Ghana will seek out to specifically target teens and young adults in the coming year. The statistics of teenage turbulence are increasingly becoming frightening. And it is high time we pulled teenagers out of the fire. Both young and old missionaries are welcome to join in this titanic task of winning young hearts and minds with the love of Jesus. We are expecting two young missionaries to help with the work in the latter part of January.  All manner of support is welcome.



Brother Dhan’s Ministry

Due to earthquake and blockade, we had to cancel many ministry plans. We are reshaping the strategies again.

I have summed up ministry activities into some points:

–  80 people accepted Christ in various places of Nepal.

–  So far, trained 150 pastors and leaders

– 4 new congregations

– Leadership Conference, May 2015

–  A couple joined our ministry as a staff


Killed over 9,000 people and injured more than 23,000. Aftershocks continued throughout Nepal at the intervals of 15–20 minutes. One shock was a magnitude of 6.7 on 26th of April. Another aftershock occurred on 12 May (7.3). More than 200 people were killed and more than 2,500 were injured. We had opportunities to serve the affected people. Local Church in Kathmandu: moved from the rented building to another house, now looking for a plot of land.

Nepal has been gripped by a blockade in the country’s south for the past two months, leading to acute shortages of fuel and medicine” (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-35041366) Prayer Requests

  1. Planning for two year theological course for the pastors and leaders
  2. Building small worship houses for village Churches
  3. Christian School Project: to impact society from Christian worldview and for future self-supporting source
  4. To establish Church and mission (training) center in Kathmandu


-Please, pray for rebuilding in the earthquake affected areas

-for personal and family financial support

-to build small worship houses to be a place for worshiping together in the villages

-for financial support to help staffs


Gentle Heart Foundation – Brother Arjun

Despite the many challenges of the country, things keep changing!  We were facing the affects of the big earthquake on April 25 and felt many aftershocks;  which destroyed thousands of houses, many people died, and there was big devastation.  Our house had minor cracks which made our children afraid and we were forced to paint it without a budget  amount.  The children were so frightened because of frequent turmoil, but we are experiencing God’s mighty presence in every situation and have learnt to accept every challenge as an opportunity!  We know that this is only possible because of His grace and your prayers and joining hands for the worthy cause.

People from District Children Welfare Committee, a Government wing, came to us for monitoring purposes; they were very impressed with our service for the children and suggested to have little improvements like a fire extinguisher and the Social Welfare Council asked us to have at least 5% funds as reserve funds for future reference.

We are very grateful with you for your active involvement in the ministries of GHF.  We are inspired by you as you are investing your time and treasure for the betterment of needy, orphaned and underprivileged children of Nepal.  We highly appreciate you for what yo are doing for these children in creating a family and Christian environment.  Thank you so much for standing with us in prayers and practical help.  It was not always easy throughout the year but we felt your prayers in every circumstance; it’s immeasurable.

Your partnership is playing a vital role for the transformation of children’s lives.  Thank you for standing with us.  As you know, we are fully committed and determined to set up this ministry to be an exemplary ministry in Nepal for the Glory of God.  It is always good to share what the Lord is doing in and through GHF ministries and today we are here to Praise Him for what He has done and will be doing in and through the ministries of Gentle Heart Foundation to reach out to the needy, orphaned and destitute children of Nepal and their communities.  “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”—Matthew 25:40

So, your role with the ministries of Gentle Heart Foundation will be life changing partnership!

As you have been praying and investing in the lives of children, I am happy to inform you that all of our children achieved success in their terminal exams with good marks, some of them reach up to 96% with first and second position.  So, our children are studying from grade UKG to grade 9 in the school and two of the older boys are studying in in college.  We are getting very positive responses from the school, Church, and communities.  We praise God for this achievement and thank you for standing with us us for such good impact.  People around us appreciate what we are doing for the holistic development of these children and slum communities.  “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. – Matthew 5:16  “This is our prayer with the Lord for shining the light of Jesus in the kingdom of darkness and your joining hand is highly appreciated to fulfill the goal that the Lord has given us to accomplish by showing God’s Love in Action!

By the grace of God and through your constant prayers and joining hands, GHF is playing a vital role for uplifting the lives of more than 200 vulnerable children of Nepal through the different programs, i.e. scholarship program, after school program and awareness.  We also organize an interaction program with the families, teachers and community leaders for the protection of the innocent lives of these children and bring awareness to them about child/human trafficking.  We are focusing for on the holistic develo0pment of these children and seeing the impact in their lives.  By knowing the urgent need of the community, we provided some of the relief stuff to the badly affected people and communities.

Please join with us in praising God for the following:

  • God’s presence and protection in every situation
  • Phyusical & spiritaul growth of our children
  • Excellent school results of our children
  • Two boys who are studying in college
  • Great saving from the huge turmoil

We strongly believe that where God guides, He provides!  Thank you so much for your earnest prayers for the sustainability of Gentle Heart Foundation.

We request you to keep praying for the following matters:

  • For the holistic development of each child
  • Needed funds to run the ministries smoothly
  • Sound health and study of the children
  • Ministry among slum/vulnerable/children
  • Extension of ministerial boundaries to reach out to many lost, last, and least of Nepal.
  • Sustainability of our programs
  • Ability to maintain the basic requirements, including 5% reserve funds
  • Vehicle for the growing ministries

Please always remember that whatever you have done for the Work of God, know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain and you will get a reward from our Heavenly Father.  You have a vital role to play for the betterment of needy, orphaned and underprivileged children of Nepal.  Together, we can make a big difference in the lives of needy, orphaned and underprivileged children of Nepal. Visit the GHF website at: http://ghchnepal.blogspot.com/

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm.  Let nothing move you.  Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” – I Corinthians 15:58


We cannot include pictures of the following countries due to being highly restrictive and/or  potentially dangerous.


Remote Village Teachers Project

In November 2011 we set out to establish remote village teachers project. The Lord has truly blessed these projects. We receive monthly reports of the teacher’s progress and the wonderful impact it is having on the entire villages. Since the start of this wonderful ministry, not only have the teachers been instrumental in transforming the young lives for Christ, but also their parents, other family members, and even entire communities. To date, there has been over four hundred that has received Jesus as their Lord and Savior; twenty-six new churches planted; six home churches; and dozens of church leaders trained for the ministry–all this in the past four years. God is truly doing an awesome work.

Some of these locations are in highly restrictive areas. (Due to the sensitivity of these specific reports and pictures, we cannot post them online. Those who are supporting a specific project receive updates and pictures on the project they support). The children are excelling in their studies–which include academics and Bible courses–and are learning how to draw closer to Jesus more and more. The adults are being taught the Gospel message as well, and many are coming to know the Lord Jesus and giving their hearts to Him. We praise God for this incredible ministry. If you are interested in sponsoring a teacher for a remote village–we have many to which need assistance– please see our “donations” page.

We are exceedingly grateful to God and our contributors. Words cannot adequately express how appreciative we truly are for making it possible to get these gifts of love into the hands of those in need through the hands and feet of the indigenous ministers God has given us to work with– His laborers in His harvest field. We are so blessed and honored to be used by our Father in this way. We could never do what has been done this year, or in previous years without our most generous and loving supporters, acting on what God put on your heart. We believe God will continue to bless and use us as we strive daily to be careful stewards of all He provides.




Light of Truth Church - Pastor H.  (Name withheld for his protection)   

“This year has been a year of sickness and diseases for me personally, but Praise Yah! He always gives me strength through my beloved brother and sister Furman; through their encouraging letters and prayers. HaleluYah.”
“Concerning my needs next year my wife and I are hoping our God will provide funds for us to renovate our home congregation. Our home where we meet almost collapsed. We hope and trust next year our beloved Father will help us. The pillar of our home church is completely broken, and is not proper /suitable anymore for worship because of its poor condition. This is the most important thing we need because it is very dangerous for us to stay and sleep here. We really need God to help us renovate our home church. Secondly, we need a shelf, gas stove and gas cylinder, interval gas and LCD Projector to display my teaching and sermon.”
“It is my mission to reach new souls to come here and to teach the name of God in the Bible. He is the one true God.”
“May Our Lord God Jesus Christ bless you all abundantly.
The purpose of my church is to be a light and salt.
My mission: to show the love of Christ Jesus our God through sharing food to the newcomers, especially to those in need.
To reach my goals every week we gather, worship together and have a meal together.
I hope our church will become a family church.”

Brother H.



Pattamya Christian Church – Pastor Tin Aung

  1. 1. Evangelism activities
    A. Visiting Miawngmyah region as a team, altogether 10 villages
    B. Conducting Bible camp at “Ing Ta Long” with 30 people non-believers.
    C. Visiting and sharing the gospel at “Nga Thine Chaung” region, 3 villages.
    D. Visiting and sharing the gospel at “Jungpiaw” region, 5 villages by my Church youth and my second-generation leader.
    E. Sending bivocational Church planter at “Kawa” town.
    F. Evangelistic Christmas program at two locations to more than (400) non-Christians.
    Note: We cannot account how many were saved, but we were able to share the gospel first hand.
  2.  Social work as evangelism
    A. Flood relief work, 5 locations and three times.
    B. Rehabilitation work to 3 widows:
    a. Building houses for widows
    b. Supplying materials for farmers.

3. 3 months Layman Training School with 15 students from different regions

4. 2 times “Indigenous discipleship training” with 50 students and new converts from Buddhist and Animism.

5. Building projects for boarding home (Mission home) for young people.
We have (3) boarding homes with 80 students. 80% of students are non-believers. Now, more than half are saved and have confessed Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord.

6. Ministry plans for 2016
A. Evangelism Bible teaching plan for boarding home students in February and March.
B. Evangelism Bible teaching plan for high school students at the end of March.
C. Equipping pastors and elders at the end of February.
D. Laymen ministry training in April.
E. Sending bi-vocational Church planters from June 2016 onward

7. Needs
A. To be able to extend existing Church building. Our current building is too small.
B. To be able to accept more poor students at 3 boarding homes (Mission homes)
C. To be able to find child sponsorship for such poor students.
D. To be able to have income generating project for bi=vocational Church planters (Seed money)
E. To be able to start and have training site for “Laymen Training School”
(LTS ) and “Training for Trainers (T4T)




Since the first day of 2015, God told to me that 2015 would be the year of “building up.” God allowed us to start building for three boarding homes since 2015 summer. But God didn’t provide all. Now we still need funds to finish it. But the building can be used for ministry and able to accept more students in the up-coming academic year 2016 June – 2017 March.

Along with other fellow believers, we have a prayer program for one of the projects. That vision and projects was born since ten years ago. I praise the Lord for accomplishing that project. But the Lord spoke to me with a still, small voice during our prayer. He said: “I am not accomplishing your vision rather I am accomplishing my own plan that I have before the foundation of the earth.” Then I said “sorry” to the Lord and I praise the Lord because we are in God’s plan.

For 2016, God already spoke to me that 2016 would be the year of doing a new thing. Based on that revelation, God taught me how to pray. Due to lack of funds, I have canceled many projects but never stop doing things because of lack of funds.