Pastor in Sierra Leone Needs our help and Prayers for Orphan Children

FHM Prayer Requests, Urgent Needs

We recently received the following email from Pastor Emmanuel in Sierra Leone:

Beloved brother,
Greetings in Jesus’ name! How are you and your wife? I bring to you greetings from the church and orphan children in Sierra Leone. Schools will reopen in Sierra Leone, for the new academic year/2016 /2017 on 19 January 2016. I quickly invite the orphan’s matron and two teachers to an emergency meeting to deliberate on this issue: most of our orphans have been expelled or temporarily suspended from school last academic year 2015 because of lack of school fees. We therefore decided to inform you earlier for help this academic secession. We need small amount of money in deposit to the school authority so that the children will be allowed back to attend class.

We are ready to furnish you with all information and photos of our work that you may need or find useful for raising funds for partners in USA, England, and Canada with other humanitarian organizations.

We shall also be grateful if you can find adoptive parent for our orphans.

We are still committed to work with you and your ministry. You are still our mentor, brother, and international director.

For the sake of Jesus Christ,

Pastor Emmanuel