7 year old girl, Nani, in Nepal burned severely, needs help

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Praise God!!! Our prayers have been answered!  A Nepalese brother in the Lord, stepped up and provided the needed surgeries and loving care Nani needed, as well as providing a loving home for her.  God is faithful and always hears and answers our prayers of faith.  Thanks to all who have prayed for Nani and helped her have a new, loving home and the surgeries needed.

Our dear friend and brother in the Lord,Silvanus, (one of the ministers we help when we can,) in Nepal sent us this sad and serious information with pictures about a little 7 year old girl, called Nani, found helpless and terribly burned covering nearly from her waste down. She was left by one of the Hindu holy temples. We want to help her. By sending out this information and pictures of the severity of her condition, we pray all of you will pray for her healing and a Christian family to take her in to their home to become a part of their family. We are also hoping that one of those parents in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu, will open their hearts and home to Nani and trust God to provide. PLEASE contact us if you feel led to help Nani in any way or would like for us to e-mail more information and pictures to you of Nani and the burns she has suffered. I can’t get the file to upload here.
Thank you very much!!!!!!!

Mike and Londa