Can you Sponsor Anugraha?

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We just received the following from Pastor Ruben Rasaili in Nepal:

Hi Rev Mike Furman, 
He is Anugraha B.K, 4 years old. He lives in Daunne Devi VDC, Nawalparasi. His father name Hari B.K and his mother name is Shanti B.K. His mother is Christian but father became Radical Muslim after he came from India work. Anugraha father forced Shanti to accept Islam faith but she could not so, he started beating, threatening, giving torched, kick away from home, etc.
Anugraha father never accept Anugraha as Son and Shanti as his wife after is converted. Hari Married another women and stay away for 2 years. Shanti and Anugraha went to Hari Fathers house but they also did not accept both and also did not give Identity. Villagers kicked Shanti and Anugraha for she did not accept Muslim faith. Now Shanti and Anugraha both lives in Kukurmara. She works hard as laborer in construction and feeding Anugraha.  Anugraha is old enough to go to School but because of poverty his mother is unable to send him.  A Year ago, Hari died in India because of Bike Accident. Now, both Shanti and Anugraha has no hope.
Shanti and Anugraha had to leave and loose his family and home because of their Faith and Belief in Christ. Now they are homeless and identity less. 
Dear Rev Mike Furman, You can Help Anugraha and send him School. Lets Pray and help him. We can make difference by helping some body. 

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Best Regards In Christ
Missionary Ruben & Sita
Mission for Tribes and Nations Nepal

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