Poor family working at brick kiln

Poor Destitute Christian Families Need Our Help

FHM Prayer Requests, Urgent Needs

Most know the current situation of bricks yard workers in Pakistan (see project in Pakistan); it is dire. Many of the Christians bricks yard workers are living their lives in extreme poverty. They are working as a family 12 hours in day 7 days in week nonstop without any break. They earn only $1 or $2 in day, and need to arrange everything for their families with in $30 or $60 in month–always they are unable provide everything to their families. They are always in great debt and their debts increase day by day; they work as slave labor.
Generation after generation they are working in this terrible bondage. We are unable to pay their debts because some families have $500; some have $1000; and still some families have over $1500 debt. If we pay their debts still they have no future. We are planning to start a School for bricks yard workers children. In this school we will give their children free education. After getting education their children will get good jobs and join their Parents to pay their debts back to bricks yard owner, and get rid of this bondage labor work, having hope and a bright future.
To start we need school supplies, white board, carpet, chair & table etc…… We need $1000 to start this School.
Regular support we need for school salary for teacher, rent for school building, electric bill etc…… We need $500 per month. I request you to join with us to fight against poverty. Thank you and God bless you all!