Help is urgently needed for the Mustard Seed Christian School in the Philippines!

FHM Prayer Requests, Urgent Needs

We recently received the following email from Sister Anita; director of the Mustard Seed Christian School:

“My prayer request again is a new classroom for the incoming grade 7 students. The government gave us a slot of 62 grade 7 this year. This is an urgent need friends and partners! Please pray and I am knocking at your heart’s door to help us in any amount you can for this project that we pray it will be constructed this summer break, April and May. June 3 is the opening of classes for the school year 2019-2020. Can you share it to your friends dear friends? May the Lord continue to prosper and bless your ministry as you reach out to those in need! We continue to be behind you with our prayers!”

Much Love in Jesus,

Anita and family