Help is urgently needed for the poor and starving people around the world!

FHM Prayer Requests, Urgent Needs

During this most difficult time around the world, due to the covid-19 lock downs, people in various countries are starving and are looking for the smallest glimpse of hope.  Millions of people are not able to work, and hence, not able to feed their families. Some are ordered by the government to stay in their home until further notice. Those in Kenya and surrounding nations have recently been devastated by a horrible locust swarm that wiped out most of their crops; which was then followed by a ravaging flood. One of the pastors our ministry helps from time to time, lost his home due to this horrendous flood.

Please pray for God’s people around the world, and for a way to help. Freedom’s Hope Ministry has (through God’s provision) helped a small portion of those in need, however nowhere near enough to meet this overwhelming demand.

The following is some of the emails we have received recently:



Dear Loving Precious Servants of God

Greetings to you in Jesus name! 

Because of this covid-19 everything is lock down and no work and no church service and in the remote villages many pastors are crying out for help and many people are lock down and dying without food

We have poor and needy children’s  total  127 children’s we are giving day care and we are have 30 orphans  and also we  are having widows and pastors who are working with us in remote villages

We know more than 300 pastors in different locations and remote dry places they are working and more than 150 pastors are under our leadership and remaining 150 pastors we know them well

Now all of these pastors are helpless and they can’t able to provide food and feed their family

They are keep waiting who can bring some food and help in this lock down

Everyday I get many phones calls and asking for help and I don’t have anything to give them


Many many people are dying without food in this lock down

My humble prayers and kind appeal to you all please kindly pray for our people pastor’s family widows and DALITS COMMUNITY, orphans, widows and poor destitute and also those who don’t have food

IF the lord leads and gives heart to help with little and we can reach many hungry people with food and they will not die

Here is the Food items that we are praying to give to the relief

  1. Rice
  2. Oil
  3. Wheat flour
  4. Sugar
  5. Dal
  6. Tea Powder
  7. Washing soap for clothes
  8. Bathing soap
  9. Onions
  10. Potatoes
  11. Tomatoes

My humble prayers and requests to you please kindly do something in this needy situation

Thanking you

Ps.S.Chinna Cornelius



Dear beloved brother,

Greetings in the name of Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ! We would like to also offer salutation to all who are concerned about the kingdom of God and the welfare of humanity.

First of all I want you to know that none of our church members here in India has contracted the Corona virus.  We all remain very healthy.  We also hope that you, your loved ones and all the members of your ministry are safe under the wings of our Lord Jesus Christ; for this we praise the Lord and are very thankful. At the same time Churches were closed and remained shut since 22nd March and since then everything is under lockdown in our country. All our Church members and all their families have spent their lockdown time in prayers at their homes for the rescue of people, for food to the hungry and for the intervention of our almighty Lord Jesus Christ to resolve the epidemic of Corona virus. We believe that the Lord will manifest His promises which would open great doors of opportunity for our ministries and for the Body of Christ. 

Please pray for blessing and guidance on the Ministries that the Lord has entrusted to Christ Grace Ministries. So that His kingdom will be edifying through our efforts! 

We will continue to pray for your overall well being and prosperity in Christ. 

Waiting for your kind reply that could keep me with strengthen in Christ. 

May God bless you abundantly!

Thank you very much.

Yours in His Services

Muppidi Rajarao

Christ Grace Church



Pastor kindly pray for the village pastors who are struggling to run their families during this Corona lock down time. Please kindly think of them in your prayers. 

I am waiting for your good reply.

Thank you.




Dear Pastor and Office Staff,

Dear Beloved Church office and Directors,

Greetings! Thank you for your email please send some help for Coronavirus Covid-19.

We all pastors suffering daily need. Churches are closed. Please send little bit help for poor pastors’ 

daily needs.





Dear my brother Mike & Mama Londa,

Please receive our love and greetings from my family, from brothers and sisters and from the orphans and widows in Jesus Name. How are you doing? Hope you started your day well. 

We hope that, you are celebrating with us for God’s provision. We appreciate. Hope you are safe. We are doing well. We are safe. We are protected.

Brother, please allow me share with you about how we suspected our President of Kenya was to announce today. Today date 6th, was the last day the lockdown was to end up. But our president of Kenya, due to the increasing of a high rate of COVID 19 Cases every day, he therefore extended a lockdown and restrictions for another next 30 days!!!!! No moving!!!! No normal business!!!! No gatherings of churches!!!!! No market!!!! No schools!!!!! No resuming jobs!!!!! We must keep social distancing!!!!! Till the Coronavirus cases come down. This shows, nothing has changed into normal situation.

This has shows us that, life is growing hard. There is hardship in daily living!!!!!  Very hard for an ordinary people in daily surviving!!!! 

My brother, we only ask you by the mercies of God, to pray hard. Pray for God to provide for enough materials to build our house. For our houses were damaged and swift away by flood!!!!! 

Pray also for God to provide food for those who are walking without food this tough moment. As I shared to both you that, many families do drink one cup of porridge as their lunch meal every day.

Hope you will pray in consideration. We will appreciate to hear from you.

Your friends and brother in Christ,

Bro. Joe Arori & Sis. Beatrice Arori.



My brother Mike & Mama Londa,

We are actually wondering why the government is doing this!!!! People have complained about this yesterday for several hours as from the minute the President announced the additional 30 days lockdown but nobody is listening or answering. It is hard for the ordinary people to survive in daily living.

Here during the heavy rain and flood that destroyed crops and vegetables from gardens, nowhere to run for vegetable in the field. It is hard here and tough!!!!

We praise God and we thank God for this situation. For we believe that, Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity. We believe on God of the Last minute. There is light in the last tunnel.. As the Lord lives, we have hope in Jesus.

Your friends,

Bro. Joe Arori & Beatrice Arori.